lu-lu n. (1886)  slang  one that is remarkable or wonderful

Repurposed Vintage Jewelry


  • wildflower
  • desperado
  • mellow-yellow
  • it-is-well
  • tangled-up-in-blue
  • because
  • you-send-me
  • too-much-too-little
  • do-wah-diddy-diddy
  • oh-how-happy

LuLu For You

donates a portion of every sale to


which aides youth who have transitioned out of foster care.

They are provided with financial aide, coaching, and mentoring to assist furthering

their education in Community Colleges.

According to Merriam Webster:

"lulu"  n (1886) slang: one that is remarkable or wonderful

Just as damaged and forgotten vintage jewlery has been repurposed to a 'lulu',

so may many youth be repurposed to one who is a 'lulu' with our donations to Great Expectations!

Thanks to all who acquired a Lulu in 2019. 

It was a delight to send a donation!