“I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”
                                                    - Pablo Picasso

The Artist


Since I can remember, my senses came alive with anything that sparkled. My mother’s “baubles” in her jewelry box were treasures just waiting for their story to be told. I was smitten with colors and textures; anything shining was, of course, a precious find.

Studying with a variety of skilled craftsmen over the years has been a blessing and an honor. Designing and constructing theatrical costumes, building and sculpting life sized Father Christmases, creating with sterling silver, painting glassware, and creating jewelry with various mediums have paved my journey to LuLu For You.

I delight in recycling and giving new purpose to beautiful vintage jewelry as it becomes wearable pieces of art. Each LuLu necklace is different with unique qualities, just as each of us have our scars, flaws, and unique qualities that make us beautiful and special.

Nothing is ordinary with LuLu – everything is remarkable and wonderful, just like you!